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About Highwash Systems

Highwash Systems

Highwash Systems is owned by myself, Terry Garbett, and we have been serving both the commercial & domestic community in the Wyre Forest and surrounding areas since 2002 and will be pleased to quote you for any amount of windows that you would want cleaned to our very high standards.

We pride ourselves on our quality service and sensible prices

How does it work?

Waterfed Telescopic Poles reach over 50ft and deliver Pure Water through the fine brush heads onto the window to clean with greater efficiency than conventional methods.

The water used has been through a hyper-filtration process which has removed all the contaminants to create Ultrapure Water.
Because of the use of Ultrapure Water the surface will dry to a spotless streak free finish.

Operators work from the ground and can reach previously inaccessible windows with ease.
The need for ladders or high access equipment is eliminated therefore satisfying any Health and Safety concerns.

Our operator brings up to 600 litres of Ultrapure Water to the site in the supply tank of his vehicle.
This supply tank is the modern equivalent of his window cleaner's bucket.

What are the benefits?

Environmentally friendly, no detergents or chemicals are used that leave a residue, so that means that windows stay cleaner for longer.

The telescopic poles easily reach windows, over lawns and flower beds.

There is reduced disturbance to you and by working from the ground your privacy is maintained.

Conservatories are easily cleaned without endangering your expensive investment and frames are cleaned at the same time as the glass leaving all of your window sparkling clean.